Monday, December 05, 2016

Regarding Lists

Hello Ladies,

In response to the question about ladies lists and schedule books today compared to ladies at home in past times:

Most of you can remember your mothers or grandmothers having a go-to-town list. They had their appointments written on a calendar, and the list was prepared for shopping and other activities on the days of appointments, for convenience.

In general not many women kept a notebook that scheduled specifically the tasks to do at home. The cleaning and cooking and gardenning were all accomplished somehow without the notebook. Things were done when they needed doing. They still spent some of the day reading, writing letters, knitting or in some other light interest. 

Today there is apparently more distraction and interruption and it makes sense to refer to a scedule book where you list tasks for the day. 

This trend seemed to begin back in the 1970's when housework got overwheming to women. There were more things to wash and repair, yards and gardens to tend. The woman was in charge of the social life of the family, most which took place in the home. 

Whereas the church focused mainly on the Sunday worship service and summer and winter socials, the week day activities increased.  Men's work-places put more social demands on them as well. With young families, women often got more behind in laundry and housekeeping. Meal preparation became frenzied. Lists and schedules on paper became necessary in order to keep up with the amazing amount of things to do.

A little blank book for a home schedule today is a good way to slow things down and keep from doing too much. 

A sample list:

Prayer time and scripture reading
Meal in slow-cooker
Clean kitchen
Letter to Aunt Jane
Finish sewing project
Call Mother to see if the children and I can visit.

Another day might have this list:

Bible reading and prayer
Take care of apoearance
Teach children 
Get groceries

And another day might list:

Make cinnamon rolls
Cut out clothing for children
Start sewing
Prepare dinner
Time with sketch pad

These daily lists can kept in case you need to continue something not finished from the day before. It is slso nice to look back on them and realize you did a lot more in a day that people imagine.

Such lists seem full of trivial things you can easily remember, but let us see what this schedule in your little book is really doing for you:

- It is focusing on the most important things for home living.
- Reminds you that you are on a multi-generational course and an eternal destiny.
-These lists block out the unnecessary pulls on your time and eliminate time wasters.
-Writing a list, and asking God's blessings on it, gives you respite from what everything around you wants you in or think about and do.

They also include these principles:

*Take care of appearance so that God is glorified and others may be taught the Truth.

*Talk to your Creator and Saviour immediately upon rising: emotional melt-downs from stress and frenzy of too much to do can be solved with this simple step: pray and read God's Will so that you may know what to do.

*Do something for others each day. For most of you, your family will be your main concern, and for ladies with more time, (without family at home)  there is more opportunity to show hospitality or make care-packages , etc.

*Include something creative in your day. This can perhaps embody all of the above, or a special art project or some other thing you do with your hands.

*Try to go out, away from home, briefly, each day.

*Include something restful each day, such as reading. Note: sometimes creative projects end up being hard labor and stressful, so doing something restful may have to be something passive: enjoy an interesting video, look through your stack of reading you have set aside--the church bulletin, Victoria magazine, things that came in the mail.

*Learn something further each day, whether it is how to manage better with kitchen clutter or how to speak better or how to teach, or just figuring out something. If you are home-schooling, this will be easier, but if you are home alone, you might need more encouragement.

*Listen to a friend each day, if possible. The voice is so important to stimulate hearing and understanding.  This is for women with no one at his me, such as widows and empty-nesters. 

Today, there is no need not lug around heavy schedule books, but a purse-size book can be a great help to keep your mind on what is most important, so that you may know what is truly necessary for life and godliness.

A list can actually give you more peace and rest, if it is designed with these things in mind. 

A suggestion: limit the amount of bad news you get from the networks. There is enough to handle in your own family.

If your dream is to have a happy happy home life, and to be a good homemaker and help your family in their lives, do not allow past failure, critical, sarcastic talk, and bad memories of the past prevent it.

I also want to share she me of the new prints from Shabby Fabrics:

Friday, November 25, 2016

Just Sharing


Victorian House, paintings by Dennis Lewan, American

Hello Ladies,

Here are some pictures from pinterest that you might like:

Fabric from Hobby Lobby, and a truck ornament from Walmart.

This year at home, all the ornaments are plastic from-you-know-where,  and are in boxes, bowls and baskets, instead of on the tree.

These brass musical notes  holding the pages here are available at the Dollar Tree:

Below are nice looking feathers which come in a box of 6, in other colors as well...

These gold balls are plastic from Dollar Tree.

More plastic ornaments in this box.

These look like chocolates a should be displayed all year.

How do you like the teapot ornament? It comes in pink, as well.

Also some old patterns which are good for getting ideas for designs:

More of this festive house.

Glittery wreath, snowflake stocking holder and green balls from Dollar Tree. It sure is nice to have these unbreakables.

Unbreakable butterfly ornaments in a bowl:

Except for the red truck, the ornaments in this post are from previous years.  Last year these chalk board bags were sold in red, green and black at the dollar store. One side of the bag is glittered and glossy.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Inauguration Elegance

(Above: A Winter Rose by Sydney Kendrick)

Perhaps some of you stitching ladies who enjoy sketching and designing your own clothes might be interested in sharing your ideas for modest inauguration clothing for the ladies in the presidential party.  

These women who will be in the public eye really need to set an example and wear more modest clothing, especially on inauguration day, which has several events, both indoors and outdoors. Maybe their designers need some help. (Smile)

It might also be nice to find pictures of modest elegant styles on the web that would work.

The election may not have been the way everyone wanted, but maybe we can have fun with fashions. There should be ten parties running at the same time so that we can have more choices :-)

The author of this blog would be happy to post your clothing designs for all aspects of the inauguration, not just the outdoor scene.  There will be a dinner, as well, and these women could use some common sense ideas.  Below is the first design submission, from the author of Homeliving :-)

The hat has a fluffy white fur trim with a knit wool piece that fits snugly over the ears.

The coat is white wool. 

 All trims on boots, cuffs, coat front, hat and gloves are  faux  fur. 

Perhaps the dinner gown sketch will appear here soon.

The notes say, "For once in the history of this country it would be nice if someone had the common sense not to hold the inauguration ceremony outside on the coldest day of the year." Can they not do this indoors? With modern cameras and such, it can be broadcast live indoors.

 If they do, it would be better if even the men wore warm hats covering their ears. They need to learn from other cold climate dwellers like the Russians, Danes, Swedes. Their officials dress warmly and are also quite fashionable.

Drawings for the evening gowns will be added to this post.

More coats: wool and lined for that cold day.

Look for the gowns some time in the future on this post.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ladies Praying

1Timothy 2:1  I exhort therefore, first of all, that supplications, prayers, intercessions, thanksgivings, be made for all men;
1Ti 2:2  for kings and all that are in high place; that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and gravity.

Hello Dear Ladies,

After a couple of decades of government liberalism where the foundational Biblical family and business values were torn into shreds and trampled into the dirt, many women were "hoping for the best and planning for the worst" in this election. 

 Homemakers everywhere were fasting and praying for relief from the liberalism that was forced upon the citizens of this country through ridiculous laws. In this election, which the arrogant media said would not elect Trump, God graciously answered these prayers and gave relief. The country chose a businessman for President.

The first thing Vice President-elect Mike Pence said was "I come to this moment deeply humbled: grateful to God for His amazing grace." See video below.

You might not see much of this video on the alphabet channels because it gives God the glory.

Yes, do offer thanks, but please remember to continue your prayers for the new president, that God will "guide, guard, direct and protect"  him. It is important not to bask in relief of victory but to be diligent in prayer about the future. As for the candidate not being exactly Christian in every detail, remember how God used Cyress the Great and called him "my servant."

It is encouraging that this President and his family are so present online with Twitter and other accounts, living openly, unlike so many of the elected judges and other officials. Some elected people cannot be located anywhere and people do not know where they live or who their families are.  

Pray the new president will not get sucked in by the politcs-as-usual in D.C. They say you can be in touch with everything until you get to Washington, and then it is a different world, where it is easy to lose touch with reality.

One overseas friend phoned and said, "It is so typically American that an elected person will thank his parents and thank God and introduce his family."

Prayer is the anecdote to the storms of life. Instead of having an emotional meltdown when there is stress, be a hero and rise to the occasion by letting your first response always be prayer.  And, speaking of responses, to quote several friends, never allow anyone's bad behavior to cause you to forget your good sense and your polite manners.  Never retaliate.

Phillipians  4:6  In nothing be anxious; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
Php 4:7  And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.

Women at home can appreciate Trump's concern about having peace, that U.S. citizens may live in peace and tranquility by not allowing government to meddle in other governments. Be grateful for this but be ever vigilant in prayer for his continued success in whatever is good and lovely for America, because the political policies of this country affect people in other countries.

Remember not to place complete trust in the media. The press spreads a lot of things that are simply not true.
(Above: overseas media claims that uneducated people wearing their hats backwards were responsible for the outcome of this election.)

 One of the things the press is now spreading overseas is that Trump was elected because of a lot of ignorant, uneducated country bumpkins sitting in old trucks eating corn on the cob that voted for him.

Well, media, the American people might be country bumpkins and love old trucks, but they can read the ballot well enough  to put an "x" where it belongs.

 In spite of the lifetime  media propaganda (most news anchors have been seen every day for some people's entire lives, whereas a president only lasts four to eight years, so you have to ask the question about who is the greatest influence) many Americans, despite their "education" still know right from wrong. To quote a famous person, "Never let University stand in the way of your education."

Usually this blog is dedicated to whatever is good and lovely, and apologies are extended to those who may be upset by this post.  Please enjoy the photographs and paintings, and don't forget to pray.

Yes, Americans like their old trucks. And they are the ones who are so tolerant of the things that go on that impose  on their freedom.

They may seem like old country hicks to you, World, but it is a mistake to push them too far. They will peacefully close the gates to the things that threaten their families and their property and businesses.

The media says it was a bunch of uneducated country bumpkins wearing their hats backwards that caused this election result in the House of Representatives, the the Senate, the Governorships, and the Executive Office. Eventually this country bumpkin vote will result in the appointment of good judges on the Supreme Court that will honor the Constitution and the Bible. 

These truck-driving country bumpkins are the ones that build your houses, fix the plumbing, landscape your property, grow your food, construct highways and bridges, plow the snow, fish in rough waters and drill for oil in cold, isolated places.

It is the commercial truck drivers that deliver goods and products to your stores...

...including this one. People called Sam Walton, who was a successful businessman that provided jobs for thousands of people, a "country hay-seed" because he refused to part with his old truck and get a cadillac. He asked, "Where would my dogs ride?"

                                     Maybe there will be some fabric with trucks like this printed on it. A yellow hat would go with.

Everyone around here has an old truck. Some are kept for sentimental reasons, such as their grandfather bought it, or it  was their first truck. That is the case with this brown Scottsdale here just outside the window.
Americans do what they like: keeping old trucks and old, time-tested proven values.
Choosing a business executive for the Executive Office makes more sense than choosing a politician, because a businessman is less likely to give away the store.

Prayer is the most valuable thing we can offer.

This speech shows a business man's approach to the Executive Office:

Many women are happy about less money going overseas for liberal causes, and less free stuff at taxpayers   expense. 
People used to teach that you have to run the country the way you would run a home by keeping out of debt, protecting your people, helping them in their future, prospering, etc. Now, the home is so broken, it would be difficult to use that comparison. We need home improvement just as badly as new government.


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